Antibot Solution

Antibot SolutionAntibot solutions follow a real-time approach when it comes to blocking bots. They use robust algorithms to detect, analyze and categorize bot patterns and bot signatures along with the help of data science experts. Antibot solutions use multiple methodologies, like unique device fingerprinting, dynamic turing tests and user behavior analysis etc. to uncover bot activity. Antibot solutions also ensure zero false positives, so that no user is penalized.

How to Choose an Antibot Solution

As advanced bots have started to adopt ‘behavioral hijacking’ techniques which replicate the way users typically interact with their smartphones and PCs, the need of the hour is for specialized solutions that are backed by the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies to differentiate between humans and bots.

  1. Negligible false positives

    Bots are constantly evolving to better mimic human behavior and go undetected by security systems. A false positive detection occurs when a human visitor is mistaken to be a bot, and hence blocked or made to solve a CAPTCHA (or otherwise made to prove that he/she is not a bot). Blocking humans leads to lost business, consumer frustration, and a poor brand reputation. On the other hand, a false negative ─ a bot being mistaken for a human ─ can be even more damaging if the bot proceeds to attempt account takeovers, carding attacks, spam and other malicious activities. When choosing a solution, its ability to accurately detect bots is a crucial consideration.

  2. Visualization and management

    Look for a solution that provides comprehensive visualization and management features. You should be able to easily see granular details about your traffic trends, and get insights into bot types, origins, and intent. Bot management features such as customizable generation-wise bad bot management, blocking by country or ISP of origin, and being able to take specific actions against bots on any your web pages ─ such as blocking, throttling, showing a CAPTCHA, feeding fake data, and so on ─ are great to have.

  3. Easy integration and compatibility

    A good antibot solution should ideally be capable of being integrated with a wide range of web infrastructure to suit the needs of any organization. Seamless integration with your website, mobile application or APIs ensures complete bot protection and helps your web and security teams spend a minimal amount of time and effort managing bots. With the advent of the GDPR regulations, it is more important than ever to consider solutions that help you prevent data breaches that could lead to punitive fines and loss of reputation.

    Different industries have unique requirements based on the bot threats they are most impacted by. In addition, based on where your organization is located, compliance requirements or government regulations may dictate how a bot management should be integrated into your infrastructure stack.

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