VMware Technology Partnership

VMware delivers customer-proven virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that reduce IT complexity and enable the transition to a more efficient and flexible service delivery model, referred to as IT as a Service. VMware offers an evolutionary and pragmatic path to the cloud while preserving existing investments.

Radware's application delivery solutions are tested and validated through the VMware TAP program, to provide customers with maximum availability, scalability and performance, ensuring positive user experience, improving response time and ensuring the best quality of experience (QoE). The combined solution optimizes the use of virtual resources to further generate CAPEX and OPEX savings. Radware’s virtual ADC infrastructure solution, which includes dedicated plug-ins for VMware’s management products, facilitate end-to-end automated processes and enable seamless integration of Radware’s ADC solution with VMware’s cloud solution.


Product Integration

Radware products that are integrated with VMware Technology.

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Significant costs savings through elimination of downtime and service degradations

Increased application server consolidation rates, significantly reducing application infrastructure’s CAPEX and OPEX

End-to-end virtualization and cloud solution, which includes the ADC infrastructure and services, offering tight interoperability through dedicated plug-ins

Dynamic, business-oriented scalability through a unique "pay-as-you-grow" approach

Reduced maintenance and ownership costs are achieved through platform standardization and enabling Green IT

Seamless implementation and scalabiltiy allows developers to focus on core application functionality

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