Operator Toolbox

What Does Operator Toolbox Do?

Leveraging the full benefits of ADC and security solutions can often come at the expense of long learning curves and tedious processes to provision, monitor and maintain services across the product lifecycle.

Radware’s Operator Toolbox enables the automation of ADC and security-related tasks to transform traditional, manually-driven tasks into automated processes, thereby cutting ADC and security management and provisioning up to 95%. This is accomplished via an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require any familiarity or expertise with the managed solutions.

What Makes Automation with Operator Toolbox Better?

Radware’s Operator Toolbox is an automation module within APSolute Vision, Radware’s centralized management system, and provides dozens of scripts out of the box. It enables administrators to provision new secured ADC services and execute tedious maintenance tasks at the push of a button.

Cross-device, cross-domain scripts

Provision services which involve Alteon NG ADC, AppWall and DefensePro devices using a single script

Easy to create, automation scripts and wizards that fit the processes of any IT organization

Instantly convert existing services into Operator Toolbox wizards via an intuitive GUI and reuse commonly used scripts via a personalized toolbar

Operator Toolbox Benefits

Reduce Operational Expenses

Slash the time spent on application delivery and security solution management and provisioning by up to 95%.

Increase IT Agility

Faster provisioning of complex secured application delivery services via an intuitive GUI and wizards, decreasing the potential for human error.

Automate the Entire Lifecycle

Use simple wizards like scripts to provision, maintain and monitor ADC and security services.

Improve Productivity

Enable less skilled workers to maintain ADC and security devices, allowing experts to focus on more valuable projects.


Solution Brief: Reduce OPEX and Simplify ADC and Security Processes
Radware’s application delivery controller (ADC) and security solutions delivers a new Operator Toolbox module to enable automation and abstraction of all lifecycle processes of the application delivery and security services.
Whitepaper: Modern Application Delivery Life Cycle Automation with Radware’s Operator’s Toolbox Whitepaper
The modern data center creates a lot of challenges. An increasing number of devices and applications with cross-dependent configurations, various geographical locations, hybrid computing environments... it makes managing, synchronizing and maintaining devices difficult.