ADC-VX - ADC Consolidation and Virtualization

What Does ADC-VX Do?

If you're interested in cost savings through consolidation and virtualization, ADC-VX deserves your undivided attention.

Radware's ADC-VX is ideal for large enterprises, hosting and service providers as well as cloud providers that want to significantly reduce costs by consolidating multiple dedicated ADC devices into a single consolidated ADC device. It is designed from the ground up to enable consolidation of ADC hardware devices without compromising resiliency or performance predictability of ADC services. This results in significant savings of hardware costs and operational expenses.


ADC-VX Customer Story

Radware's ADC virtualization solution improves performance and end user experience for leading energy player.

ADC-VX is the industry's first application delivery controller hypervisor that runs multiple virtual ADC instances on a dedicated ADC hardware, Radware's OnDemand Switch platforms. This specialized hypervisor runs fully functional virtual ADC instances each of which delivers ADC functionality just like a dedicated physical ADC device, including:

Application acceleration through FastView

Layer 7 aware content redirection and modification

Application specific optimized templates, automation and reports through AppShape

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What Makes ADC-VX Better?

If you need to proactively maintain your application performance and protect service level agreements (SLAs) ADC-VX deserves more of your attention. Simply put, ADC-VX ensures that critical application SLAs are assured.

ADC-VX provides the agility and the simplicity that is required in the virtualized data center, driving faster deployment of new services and better alignment of ADC services with frequent configuration changes and changing business needs. For example, with ADC-VX you can scale resources allocated to specific virtual ADC instances without impacting other applications and migrate a virtual ADC instance when more capacity is needed.

Since each virtual ADC instance contains a complete and separated environment of resources, configurations and management, complete fault isolation is assured and applications cannot steal shared system resources.

Unlike our competitors, ADC-VX offers a dedicated platform resources and OS, with a separate virtual ADC per application.

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