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Comprehensive Bot Protection for Native Mobile Applications

Now with Secure Identity and Integrated Device and App Authentication (Android & iOS) for superior detection accuracy

Mobile Applications are the Fastest-Growing Bot Attack Surface

Today, 10% of bot traffic exclusively targets native mobile applications to carry out a range of harmful attacks. These attacks include theft of confidential business data and personally identifiable information (PII), log-in credentials, financial and payment card data, and several other severe attacks—just like those that target desktop devices.

Protecting mobile applications from bot attacks presents a challenging mitigation scenario due to inherent traffic characteristics such as frequent IP address changes as bots traverse across multiple cellular and Wi-Fi networks during the course of a day. These factors make mobile traffic much less predictable than conventional web traffic from desktop devices—and require a specialized solution like Radware Bot Manager.


Dedicated SDKs for Android and iOS

Bot Manager’s SDKs for Android and iOS detect bots through an array of proactive detection mechanisms that stay ahead of continuously evolving bot patterns. It leverages a multi-layered detection strategy to identify bad bots and block them before they gain access to devices and applications. Detection layers include intent and behavioral analysis that examines more than 250 server and client-side parameters, collective bot intelligence, device and browser fingerprinting, and advanced deep learning technology that detects and mitigates bot traffic from mobile devices in real time.

Mobile-Specific Features and Capabilities

Radware Bot Manager’s Mobile SDKs detect sophisticated bots on mobile apps. Now upgraded with two new detection layers, it can identify mobile device emulators and modified operating systems faster and more effectively, providing extremely accurate detection of bots and botnets engaged in both targeted and distributed attacks:

Real-Time Protection

Secure Identity

Radware’s proprietary new Secure Identity detection engine for our Bot Manager SDK creates a unique identity for each user against which it validates every request to prevent identity spoofing, identity tampering and replay attacks

Minimum False-Positives

Integrated Device Authentication

By cross-validating data among multiple intelligence sources, Radware’s Active Attackers feed delivers maximum security and minimum false-positives

Emergency and Custom Updates

Granular Analytics and Reporting

Bot Manager offers granular analytics and detailed reports across web and mobile applications. View most-targeted screens, geographic bot distribution, malicious IP addresses and bot traffic patterns

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Flexible Integration

Bot Manager SDKs are optimized for file size, low memory and processor utilization. They easily integrate with native iOS and Android applications, and they work with both native and React Native applications. They can be deployed in any infrastructure through our multiple server-side integration options

Extensive DDoS Protection Fee

Widest Range of Mitigation Options

Bot Manager provides a full array of bot mitigation options including Allow, Challenge CAPTCHA (with customizable challenges and block pages), Block, Feed Fake Data, Throttle, Drop, Session Termination, Redirect Loop, Log Only and Custom Response

Cyberthreat Alliance Membe

360-Degree Protection

Radware differentiates between good and bad traffic without collecting PII. We let real users through and challenge suspected bots with a CAPTCHA. With our DDoS, CWAF, API protection, Bot Management and Client-Side Protection tools, organizations can eliminate security silos and protect apps and devices

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