April 6, 2013 02:00 PM

Various anti-Israeli hacking groups join hands to launch a massive cyber attack on Israeli cyber space with the aim to disconnect the country from the Internet. AnonGhost, one of the campaign central initiators, indicated that they will initiate the attack on the 7th of April.

"It’s gonna be the biggest operation ever launched against any country, it’s gonna be huge!"

The Incentive (as published here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=500820503288482&l=332f6d8c02.)

"Since then Israel has not stopped expanding its settlements onto Palestinian land. Palestinians are being removed from their homes so Israel can build Jewish only homes on their land. The Zionist do this based on a claim that they are Gods chosen people and that God has promised them this land. They claim their ancestors lived there thousands of years before so they have the right to remove the people living there today. The racism and ethnic cleansing is unacceptable yet the Zionist do this under the guise of democracy, while at the same time using modern media to look like the victims, they say they are defending themselves from suicide bombers and terrorists. The truth is they are defending themselves against a desperate population that they are crushing and occupying. What Zionists refer to as terrorists are in actual fact just resistance, fighting extermination."

Groups & Hackers Involved in the Cyber Attack

  • AnonGhost
  • Algerian Hackers
  • Mauritania HaCker Team
  • Ajax Team
  • MLA
  • Moroccan Hackerz
  • Gaza Hacker Team & Gaza Security Team
  • Anonymous Syria
  • ZHC
  • The Hacker Army
  • Devil Zone Team
  • Moroccan Hackers

Attack Campaign Specific Targets

Although not published formally, according to past actions taken by some of the hackers it seems like the April 7th attack will be focused on government sites, Microsoft & Google Israel as well as Israeli Banks.

Published Attack Vectors

We assume that the attack will utilize both a DDoS attack methods and website defacements. Each attacker's team will try to create maximum damage based on its knowledge and capabilities. To achieve the goal of the threat which is "a total blackout", it is possible that a massive DNS attack on root Israeli domain servers will occur.

Published DoS Attack Tools

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the threat, read the full Threat Alert.

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