Radware’s New Partners Program Focuses on Cloud Business and Accelerates Incentives

A partner program is measured by how beneficial it is for both parties. Beneficial is the perfect word to describe Radware’s upgraded, greatly enhanced partner program. To ensure Radware continues to surpass competitors’ partner programs, we have revamped ours with a focus on cloud business. Also, we added many attractive benefits for partners committed to growing their business with Radware’s products and services.

Ecosystem Sets Radware Partner Program Apart

A major part of any successful partner program is its overall ecosystem. In addition to our partners, Radware’s ecosystem is second to none and also includes technology alliances and global system integrators (GSIs). By leveraging our industry-leading ecosystem and promoting the benefits of becoming a Radware partner, the results are numerous. They include the alignment with an industry leader, the resultant and positive impacts, and additional revenue.

Goals That Focus on the Cloud and Better Enable Partners

A project is only a dream until you know why it exists. In other words, it starts with goals. The following are what guide Radware’s partner program. Each exists to ensure the program’s ultimate goal — rewarding partners that try to close business with Radware’s cybersecurity products and solutions.

  • Align the partner channel to Radware’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy.
  • Focus on cloud business, as partners’ key growth engine.
  • Enable partners to be less dependent on Radware’s sales teams, which means closing business and getting compensated faster.
  • Introduce attractive incentives to drive partner behavior and generate revenue.
  • Enforce program governance to ensure all partners enjoy tier-related incentives and discounts.
  • Position Radware as the leader in partner-sold security solutions.

3 New Tiers that Reinforce Radware’s Partner Focus

Radware has established 3 new tiers to better reflect our focus on partners that consistently achieve results, as opposed to those that sign occasional — often one-off — contracts with customers.

The Certified Tier is comprised primarily of distributors. The Spotlight Tier is for growth partners. It’s less about high volume revenue and includes partners with a large market reach. The Signature Tier is invitation-only. There will be a maximum of 25 signature partners per GEO (geographic region). We anticipate that signature partners will generate the majority of Radware revenue and have the highest potential to generate more. They will be required to present a business plan and will enjoy a majority of the benefits.

A Partner Program Unlike All Others

To help drive cloud business through Radware’s partner program, we offer one of the many things that differentiate us from our competitors’ — highly attractive incentives for partners committed to growing their, and Radware’s, business.

A few of the many incentives offered include rebates paid on cloud business and a NA (North America) SPIFF incentive focused on new logo business. Also, Signature partners are offered accelerators that reward meeting or exceeding targets outlined in their annual business plan.

The Following are Additional Resources to Get Partners out of the Gate Fast —All Designed to Help Close Business Early and Often

To ensure partners close business as early and effectively as possible, the following resources will help get them there. All are designed to equip partners and Radware channel team members with tools to inform, build confidence and succeed.

  • A step-by-step Onboarding Guide to help partners get familiar with Radware. It includes portals, a demo lab and additional tools.
  • The Sales Playbook is a go-to guide to help personnel tackle even the largest of sales challenges.
  • Campaign-In-A-Box for New Cloud Deal Hunting is a guide for partners that includes customizable Radware marketing collateral.
  • Battle Cards provide sales personnel information on how to gather key information and represent and sell Radware solutions.
  • Email Templates provide pre-written emails that partners can customize to help generate leads, book next steps/meetings and move prospective customers through the sales cycle.
  • Case Studies are key digital marketing tools to help partners represent and sell Radware products and services. They help build your brand, reinforce customer relationships and establish credibility.
  • Support Guide provides technical assistance, including step-by-step instructions on how to ask for and receive Radware support.
  • Co-Branded Collateral provides content that partners can co-brand to help guide and reinforce the buyer’s journey.
  • Demo Tools are a comprehensive set of guides, including pre-set use cases, that allow prospective customers to trial Radware products and services.
  • POV Tools are customer-facing assets that help partners run demos. In addition, it recognizes leads for partner-initiated promotions.
  • Radware sales training for Cloud DDoS Protection and Cloud WAF.

Deep Discounts and Attractive Incentives with a Cloud Focus

As an integral part of Radware’s sales organization, our partner program is built to provide partners with the tools and resources to help them enjoy success. Some partner programs seem designed to ensure as much revenue as possible is retained in-house. That’s a short-term tactic that doesn’t deliver long-term results. We’re in it for the long haul and we want our partners to be, as well. We understand that the more positive results your organization enjoys, the greater Radware’s partner program. And great is what we’re striving for.

To get more information about the Radware Partner Program, please reach out to me at Julie.Igorevna@radware.com. I would love to hear from you.

Julie Igorevna

As the Partner Marketing Manager for Radware, Julie helps execute the company’s channel marketing strategy. She brings her vast channel experience from working in various consulting roles as well as different verticals in the technology industry. Her diverse marketing knowledge spans all aspects of program development, strategic relationship management, partner enablement and demand generation programs that drive business and scale revenue through partners and alliances. Her motto is “Always maintain eternal positive attitude to get the job done”.

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