Five Benefits of Integrating Bot Management with Your CDN

As enterprise and consumer websites and applications increasingly migrate to cloud-based infrastructure solutions to obtain benefits such as the ability to easily scale up, as well as their cost advantages and reduced latency, so are essential security tools such as bot management solutions. To better serve their geographically-widening customer base, enterprises are widely adopting solutions such as Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), which provide several benefits such as reducing costs, rationalizing infrastructure, reduced website and application load times, and a better user experience for consumers.

CDNs have proven to be the best option for enterprises and other organizations that need to provide Web content and services quickly and efficiently to their customers. Most CDN providers offer integration with various security tools to detect and prevent malicious attacks right at the edge of the network before they spread any further. Radware Bot Manager can be seamlessly integrated with your CDN service using our customized CDN plug-ins to provide enterprise-grade bot detection and mitigation to protect your website, applications, and APIs.

Let’s look at five key benefits from integrating bot management with your CDN:

Faster deployment

Integrating Radware Bot Manager with your CDN or edge server is far easier and much quicker when compared to inline integration options. We provide a range of custom plug-ins to work with most leading CDNs around the world.

Low latency

When integrated with a CDN, bot traffic detection is a lot quicker, and processing latency is extremely low, usually below one millisecond. This means that users of your website and mobile application experience faster web page and application performance and a more responsive experience.

No need for application-level changes

Integrating Radware Bot Manager with your CDN requires no application level changes, and only requires Bot Manager configuration at the edge.

Accurate bot detection

Radware Bot Manager is designed to provide extremely accurate bot detection with negligible false positives and false negatives. Only bots get blocked, and real users will have a better overall experience.

Threat reporting and visibility

Radware Bot Manager’s unified dashboard gives you granular, real-time visibility into malicious traffic, attack patterns, and empowers your security teams to quickly act against emerging threats to your business and your customers.

With over 12,500 customers across the globe including many of the largest brands, Radware has long been a trusted partner in safeguarding our customers’ digital infrastructures. To learn more about how we protect your websites, applications, and APIs from bad bots, get in touch with us at

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