Wire-line Carrier Solutions

Radware transforms wire-line carrier networks into service-aware networks delivering the visibility and control needed to effectively manage all IP services across the carrier core. These solutions extend a unified IP service control framework capable of responding to fault conditions, guaranteeing availability, driving performance, and ensuring service and network security.

By optimizing IP-service operations, Radware enables high scalability and infrastructure consolidation to streamline IP service and reduce CAPEX/OPEX. In addition, Radware's user, service and content awareness delivers the service visibility needed to enable new premium Internet-based service models for profitable business evolution and average revenue per user (ARPU) growth.

Enabling Resilient, Scalable, Fast and Secure IP Services

With Radware's wire-line carrier solutions, customers can:

Achieve optimized, high performance and steerable Internet Service Delivery by enabling operators to extend IP service visibility and control

Offer high-availability, scalable and secure SIP/IMS service delivery via SIP network elements awareness to support carrier-grade SIP-based VoIP multimedia service delivery

Ensure resilient, scalable operations & network infrastructure via load balancing and acceleration of carrier authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) services such as Diameter, DNS, RADIUS, LDAP and DHCP

Industry-leading scalability to protect from volumetric, multi-vector cyber-security attacks with 100GB interfaces and over 300Gbps throughput

Mitigate security attacks targeting carriers at the perimeter and high-touch operations and network infrastructure levels, as well as allow to deliver high-performance, always-on, managed security services such as IPS, DoS, DDoS and WAF as a value-added services

Offer comprehensive operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAMP)

Offer cost-effective cloud-based services in the virtual data center

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