Mobile Carrier Solutions

Radware Mobile Service Edge (MSE) strategy changes the mobile application/service delivery paradigm by delivering a mobile service delivery fabric which enables cloud transformation by transforming the Gi and EPC networks into private cloud structure, so that mobile carriers can benefit from the inherent advantages of using shared resource pools.

Radware MSE introduces a new approach targeted at high-end mobile operators, which allows them to address the new challenges resulting from the dramatic growth of mobile data and wireless services while evolving toward 4G/LTE and the introduction of new data center architectures.


Radware MSE delivers mobile service enablement, optimization, resiliency, scalability, security and visibility as follows:

Enable mobile data

Streamline the Gi network, MSP, emerging EPC networks and the mobile data center while supporting dynamic policy control to realize greater service agility through rapid service roll-out and fast time to market (TTM).


Guarantee mobile service delivery even when under network, application, and mobile user attacks by mitigating M2M, network scans and emerging mobile threats.


Ensure always-available mobile data services via resource health monitoring, auto-capacity dynamic workload allocation, E2E failover/disaster recovery and geo-redundancy capabilities for applications, high-touch network operational infrastructure, and services to guarantee transaction completion at all times.


Optimize mobile services and improve users' quality of experience (QoE) by offloading resource-intensive core functions and employing intelligent traffic steering capabilities across shared resources in the EPC and Gi networks to accelerate mobile data delivery.


Powered by Radware's cutting-edge OnDemand Switch and Radware’s Ultra high capacity Alteon Virtual Applience for NFV. Both enable MSE solutions flexibly scale to address business and network growth requirements using Radware's "pay-as-you-grow" approach with no hardware replacements, or use commercial off the shelf x86 server hardware for best investment protection and optimized server resource utilization. The solution also delivers large-scale NAT (LSN) / carrier-grade NAT (CGN) capabilities enabling to bridge the gap between IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure and clients enhancing the carrier's service scalability.


Enhanced, end-to-end mobile data visibility through new data mining and reporting tools to bridge the network/service divide.

Radware MSE enables the mobile data network to evolve toward cloud transformation by facilitating private cloud structure via the following core components:

Next-generation, cloud-ready architecture delivering mobile data service scalability to allow mobile carriers to benefit from the full benefits of the cloud computing environment. By utilizing a virtual service delivery mesh/grid across the network PoPs, where each node is capable of running multiple virtual service delivery instances, Radware MSE provides flexible solution scale via the control plane to share and dynamically allocate MSE resource pools based on proactive SLA monitoring, across the Gi and EPC networks.

Differentiated, cutting-edge mobile application delivery services via multiservice proxy (MSP) architecture for Gi and EPC protocols including HTTP/S, SIP/VoLTE, Diameter for HSS and MME — all based on a IPv4/6 TCP proxy and gateway. In addition, MSE features integrated attack mitigation capabilities including network DDoS and application attack mitigation engines.

Mobile ecosystem integration and visibility including lifecycle management and session information mining on the entire MSE layer across the network, for VoLTE, Gx network, policy charging and rule function (PCRF) and mobile cloud.

Radware MSE delivers mobile service enablement, optimization, resiliency, scalability, security and visibility as follows:

Streamline mobile data & Internet services through intelligent VAS steering, LSN/CGN gateway capabilities and advanced connection management

Fast and simple integration of Radware's Alteon steering and AMS solution with mobile carrier eco-system, thanks to the Control-plane Plug-in

Offer comprehensive suite of operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAMP)

Guarantee resilient SIP/IMS delivery including SIP services, network and border elements

Ensure resilient operations & network infrastructure such as Diameter, DNS, RADIUS, LDAP and DHCP

Mitigate mobile security attacks on the applications, perimeter, and mobile user layers, as well as allow to deliver high-performance, always-on, managed security services such as IPS, DoS, DDoS and WAF as value-added services

Enable cost-effective cloud-based services in the virtual data center

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