VMware Technology Partnership

Radware works closely with VMware to increase the availability, improve end user response time and reduce overall costs of deployment. Each application has been certified and tested in our labs for maximum availability and best performance.

VMware vCloud

Advanced load balancing and application delivery services for VMware vCloud Director

Guaranteed capacity of ADC services for critical business applications

Accelerated, on-demand provisioning of ADC services, automatically tailored to customer needs

Global deployment of applications across multi-site cloud and non-cloud infrastructures

Easier migration of non-cloud applications into VMware

Improved confidence and adoption of cloud services

VMware Horizon (formerly VMware View)

Faster Response Time for VMware View with Radware Application Delivery Solutions

Providing smart local and global load balancing with:

2-5 X faster response time

Advanced health monitoring to avoid system downtime

Cost effective and efficient scalability with Radware "pay-as-you-grow" approach

VMware Horizon


Integration Guide: Alteon Application Switch Optimizing the Delivery of VMware Horizon 6.2 with Security Servers
Radware’s Alteon ADC solution provides advanced and comprehensive application delivery capabilities needed to effectively meet the challenges of application deployment and application delivery in today’s data centers.
Integration Guide: Alteon Application Switch Optimizing the Delivery of VMware Horizon 6.2
Alteon NG is Radware’s next generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA.
Integration Guide: Alteon Application Switch optimizing the delivery of VMware View 5.1
This guide presents a standardized integration solution in which Radware’s load balancing and acceleration product, Alteon, is set up in front of a VMware View environment to ensure its availability and performance in order to meet SLA and QoE requirements.
Solutions Brief: Alteon Application Switch optimizing the delivery of VMware View 5.1
Radware’s Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solution, provides enhanced redundancy, smart local and global load balancing, persistency and acceleration for VMware View

VMware vSphere

Double the benefits from a virtualized IT infrastructure with VMware vSphere and Radware’s Alteon ADC virtualization solution

High Availability and Performance

Leverages Radware’s application delivery capabilities such as server health monitoring, local and global load balancing to ensure continuous availability, increased responsiveness and a more robust, virtual infrastructure.

Improved Server Consolidation Ratio

Offloads resource intensive server tasks to Radware’s ADC, such as caching, compression and SSL termination, which frees up to 50% of the virtual machine’s resources and doubles the server consolidation ratio.

Maximum Business Agility

Automation integration with workflow automation that simplifies data center provisioning, maintenance processes and associated costs.

VMware Zimbra

Adding Maximum Availability and Performance Acceleration for VMware Zimbra with Radware Application Delivery Solutions

End users can benefit from improved quality of experience with:

Improved user response time and service acceleration with Radware FastView technology

Avoid service downtime through advanced health monitoring and optimized traffic management

Cost reduction by offloading resource intensive processing for optimized server utilization

Integration Guide: Alteon Application Switch optimizing the delivery of VMware Zimbra 7.2 servers
The Radware Alteon Application Switch and VMware Zimbra joint solution provides a highly-scalable and highly-available unified messaging and communication infrastructure with the fastest response time.
Solution Brief: Radware VMWare Zimbra
Radware’s ADC provides high-availability, scalability and improved performance to Zimbra innovative post-PC email, calendar and collaboration solution users.

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