Alteon Multi Cloud Solution

Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

As organizations are adopting cloud as an infrastructure for their applications, for both development and production, new challenges arise because their application portfolio gets scattered across multiple environments. Each with its own interfaces, set of tools, and native networking application delivery and security solutions. This affects many personas within the organization - such as NetOps, SecOps, application developers, DevOps – who all need to master new solutions with variants per cloud environment and deliver a consistent service.

Planning and purchasing are also much more complex, where with multiple environments, one would need to size its needs in every cloud, and calculate TCO, where each environment offers a different cost structure. Another challenge that drives organizations to adopt cloud solutions is faster operation, and the need to remove the experts' bottleneck. Managing application performance and health and gaining visibility becomes a more complex challenge when the application portfolio is spread across multiple environment, with no standard format or reporting tool.

Alteon Multi Cloud: Application Delivery & Protection for the Multi Cloud Era

With over 90% of organizations adopting a multi cloud strategy, the challenge of providing a consistent application delivery and protection solution across public and private clouds poses a heavy burden on them. Watch how Radware’s Alteon Multi cloud help organization optimize application delivery and protection services across multi cloud environment at a push of a button, while protecting their investment in their transition to the cloud.

Standardization is Key

To minimize the complexity of working in multiple cloud environments and address the challenges mentioned above requires to first standardize the application services and security policies, regardless of the environment in which they are deployed. This can enable providing self-service tools with a catalog of application delivery and security services. With such level of standardization, consistency can be easily achieved driving:

Faster and safer services rollout, enabling CI/CD processes, across all cloud environments

Easy migration across cloud for faster and more agile cross cloud deployment

Consistent visibility and analytics of services, that can generate consistent RCA processes. The main implication of the above is the need to select cloud agnostic solutions over native application delivery and security services offered by the cloud provider.

Radware's Alteon Multi Cloud Solution

The Alteon Multi Cloud Solution delivers best of breed application delivery and security solution for on-premise data centers and private and public clouds. It leverages the Alteon application delivery technology and extends it to private and public cloud environments using one centralized service management and control component: the Alteon Cloud Control.

Alteon Multi Cloud provides application delivery and security services consistency across multiple environments. By providing a single ADC and WAF technology, a unified management and control interface, single REST API, and one GEL which covers all environments, it simplifies administration via centralized policies that are propagated to all environments and ensure operational consistency.

The Benefits of Radware's Multi Cloud Solution

Consistent Application Delivery and Security Services

One technology that covers all leading public cloud providers and private cloud infrastructures

Fast and Simple

  • Create your own simple application templates, no ADC/Security NetOps experts required
  • Ongoing TCO Optimization - real time application delivery and security service scaling that always keeps TCO optimized

Eliminate Planning Risks

Use one flexible license to purchase the exact ADC capacity required and benefit from complete agility for every aspect of ADC services consumption

Actionable Analytics

With a single pane of glass - centrally monitor all application health and performance, with powerful reports and actionable insights

Investment Protection

Radware's global cloud security network scales over 5 Tbps of mitigation capacity with dedicated scrubbing centers segregating clean and DDoS attack traffic.

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