Radware Enhances its Industry-Leading Bot Manager Solution to Deliver a More Secure Mobile Experience

Many people and organizations believe they’re safe from cyber threats when using a native mobile application downloaded for an Apple (iOS) or Android device. They don’t realize those native mobile applications are just as susceptible to threats — including malicious bots — as web applications and APIs. Here are some shocking facts — 25% of internet traffic is comprised of bad bots poised to attack organizations’ digital properties. Ten percent (10%) of those are attacking mobile applications.

To help organizations keep their mobile applications safe from bot attacks, Radware has augmented its industry-leading bot manager solution to include, as part of the Radware 360° Cloud Application Protection Service, enhancements that are great news to an organization’s users and bad news to malicious actors who launch bot attacks carefully crafted to take down mobile apps. The number of threats aimed at mobile applications is increasing significantly.

The Challenges of Protecting Mobile Applications Are Getting More Complex

In case you haven’t heard, bad actors are carrying out bot attacks that get more sophisticated by the day. Bots can mimic human behavior and scale. Identity spoofing, tampering and replay attacks are just a fraction of the methods bad actors use to bypass traditional security on native mobile applications. This causes a high number of false positives and opens up access to protected resources. Yes, several bot managers on the market protect mobile applications, but what is needed — and what they don’t have — is to greatly reduce false positives by stopping emulators and impersonators.

Multi-Layered Detection Relies on Behavioral Analysis to Deliver a Proactive Solution

Radware’s Bot Manager for native mobile applications already uses multi-layered detection to identify and block bad bots before they gain access to resources. The enhancements include two new detection layers that work in tandem with intent and behavioral analysis, collective bot intelligence and the fingerprinting of devices and browsers. With two new detection layers added to rapidly identify emulators and modifiers, Radware provides more comprehensive and faster bot protection against targeted and distributed bot attacks.

Combined with the existing detection layers, the two new ones included in the solution help create the most accurate and fast-responding bot solution for mobile applications on the market. The enhancements solve both the old and new challenges created by bad actors carrying out bot and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Radware’s Bot Manager Solution provides these new features that protect mobile applications:

  1. Integrated Device Authentication (Google and Apple Attestation): The integration of the Google and Apple attestation services checks the authenticity of devices and allows only legitimate ones to access resources. Compared to other bot manager solutions, Radware, through its attestation feature, supports both iOS and Android devices as part of its Integrated Device Authentication offering.
  2. Secure Identity: Secure Identity creates a unique identity for each user against which it validates every request. It ensures clients are protected from identity spoofing, identity tampering and replay attacks.

Radware Bot Manager Mobile Application Protection provides granular analytics and detailed reports on bot activities across mobile apps and the web. Reports include highly targeted screens, global bot distribution, malicious IP lists, traffic patterns and detailed insights into the severity of an attack.

Radware Bot Manager SDKs are lightweight and easy to integrate with iOS and Android apps. They can be embedded into native apps and ones developed using the React Native framework. Radware Bot Manager can be deployed in any existing infrastructure provided by the customer through its multiple, server-side integration options.

These latest Radware enhancements prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of end users by using emulators and modified applications, including ones with modified operating systems (OS). Radware also employs behavioral and non-PII device parameters to differentiate between good and bad traffic to mobile and web applications. Radware’s tightened security net not only keeps bad actors at bay but dissuades them from carrying out distributed attacks on mobile applications.

Another Example of Why Radware is an Industry Leader

With market-leading DDoS, CWAF (Cloud Web Application Firewall), API protection, bot management and client-side protection tools, Radware has eliminated the security silos. This means more effective, less complex and easier-to-manage application protection for organizations and their customers.

Being a leader in cybersecurity means taking a proactive approach to security. It means never resting and staying ahead of malicious actors who, unfortunately, also don’t rest. These new enhancements tighten the security net that Radware casts around our customers. It’s another example of our ongoing goal to prevent bad actors from carrying out distributed attacks on mobile applications.

Click here to get more information about the tremendous enhancements to Radware’s Mobile Application Bot Protection solution and how it keeps mobile applications secure and safe from cyberattacks. If you’d like to speak with a Radware cybersecurity professional and better understand how to protect your native mobile applications, reach out to us here. We’d love to hear from you.

Neetu Singh

Neetu Singh is a cybersecurity solution lead with Radware. In her role, she specializes in application security and threat intelligence, working closely with Radware's product and threat research teams. Here she has led marketing initiatives, partnerships, collaborations, and campaigns for enterprise and SMB markets. She frequently writes about cloud trends, industry 4.0 and SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) among other topics. Neetu holds an MBA in marketing from NMIMS University in Mumbai.

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